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Airport Police Dog Duty


The finest of police airport games is here. It’s time to protect innocent lives of passengers by terrorists and criminals in the latest police dog airport crime chase game. Play as an airport police dog duty sim and disrupt the evil plans of criminals by bringing peace in the airport. Navigate the police dog simulator 3d and reach at crime scenes immediately to catch the bad guys. Make survival difficult for gangsters and thieves in the best fusion of airport police dog duty sim and police dog airport crime chase. You might have played other police airport games but now it is time to see the professional skilled loyal stray in this police dog simulator 3d game. Download AIRPORT POLICE DOG DUTY today and enjoy the added twist of rivalry between criminals and police in the airport premises. Our mission in this game is to play as a police dog and catch criminals in the airport. There are total 5 levels in the game. At the beginning of each level, we will show a crime scene happening so that the user can see how the crime incident happened. Our police dog will be standing at the entrance of the airport along with the police man and they both will be searching for the criminals. If they spot the criminal, the police dog will start running towards the criminal and attack him. Once the criminal has been attacked by the dog the police man will arrest the criminal at the scene of incident and the level will be completed. If the police dog is unable to catch the criminal, the thief will escape in his car and the game will get over.This professional cop dog has been trained to sniff the criminals and wipe away crime missions in airport police dog duty sim. Enjoy the excitement with this excellent police dog airport crime chase game play along with thrilling police dog missions. Get ready to play police dog simulator 3d as a trained German shepherd to chase and hunt down bad guys in this action packed AIRPORT POLICE DOG DUTY, one of the newest airport police games on play store!